About Us

Nau mai haere mai ki Tasman Bay Guardians.

We are a group of passionate marine conservationists and educators dedicated to improving the health of the aquatic spaces of Te Tai o Aorere / Tasman Bay. 

Our strategy engages the major environmental pressures on Tasman Bay, identifying stakeholders and potential solution pathways.

We follow the three facets of Conservation, Collaboration and Education. 

From small projects such as cleanups, plantings, restorations and others we hope to achieve much greater things by creating positive interactions amongst the stakeholders in the marine space.

Our strategy considers the needs of manawhenua.We are actively involved in the world leading Sustainable Seas Science Challenge and have a mandate to lead the marine spatial management process for Te Tai o Aorere from the Nelson Biodiversity Strategy. 

We work collaboratively with other conservation groups such as Mountains to Sea Trust, Sea Shepherd, Forest and Bird as well as stakeholders in various industries.

We love to explore rivers and seas, we want to share their magic with you.

We want to enjoy a healthy environment and leave a positive legacy for our children and we want the Te Tai o Aorere communities to thrive in the bounty of the seas.

Come in and enjoy our site. Nau mai haere mai.

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