Emma Newcombe

As a kid growing up in Te Waipounamu, I had a fascination with nature generally, and rockpools in particular. This led me to study marine ecology, based at the Goat Island Marine Reserve north of Auckland. I’ve been lucky to study, work, and dive in the seas around New Zealand, and in Southern Chile. These experiences have come with mixed emotions. The damage humans have done is heart-breaking, but I remain captivated by the diversity and beauty of marine communities. 

I moved to Nelson in 2012 to work as a marine ecologist at the Cawthron Institute. This gave me a thorough understanding of the state and stressors of the marine environment in the Top of the South. Sadly, it is in a dire state of health. 
I am so impressed with the vision and dedication of the TBG whānau in taking action to improve the state of our natural environment. Having left full-time work I am delighted to have joined the board in early 2023.