Whitebait Connection

Whitebait Connection


WBC actively promotes the study and conservation of our freshwater environments

Our co-ordinators deliver a program that gets your group out in the field, learning and helping to conserve our precious streams and rivers.  

From in-class learning to real science and restoration programmes, WBC will give your group the gift of understanding about how we can look after our unique freshwater ecosystems.  

Fun For Kids Of All Ages

The course contributes data to the distribution of our whitebait, eels and even pest species.

Following the same model as EMR, the course culminates in a meaningful environmental action such as your class adopting a section of stream for restoration and monitoring that can be succeeded by future classes.

We Need Your Help

Tasman Bay Guardians is seeking funding from interested parties to enable schools to recieve these amazing courses. 

If you’re company or group is interested in supporting this kaupapa,  please contact us today.