Experiencing Marine Reserves

Experiencing Marine Reserves

EMR actively promotes the study and conservation of our marine environments

EMR is a nationally accredited experiential marine learning experience. Our co-ordinators work with you to provide a robust program that can be dovetailed into your school or groups curriculum.

We deliver classroom learning followed by snorkel training leading to inspiring snorkel trips in both protected and non-protected areas.

The course is completed with the students undertaking a meaningful action that reflects the knowledge they have gained from their experience. We also deliver one-off snorkel experiences and community guided snorkel days to raise awareness of the marine environment.

Fun For Kids Of All Ages

This is life changing experiential learning about marine ecosystems and conservation.

We are committed to delivering safe snorkelling excursions and have robust health and safety documentation to match.

We are adventure activity safety audit certified (AAO 534).  EMR is a programme of the charity – Mountains to Sea Conservation Trust (CC #23406)  

Contact us now to see how we can get your group in the water this summer.

experiencing marine reserves
experiencing marine reserves

We Need Your Help

Tasman Bay Guardians is seeking funding from interested parties to enable schools to recieve these amazing courses. 

If you’re company or group is interested in supporting this kaupapa,  please contact us today.