Adopt a School

Adopt a school

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Why adopt a school?

“In recent years, reviews by the Children & Nature Network, the World Health Organization, and others, have demonstrated the value of experiences in nature for our children, individual and societal health and wellbeing, sustainable cities, and economic development.”  – The Children and Nature Foundation

Tasman Bay Guardians is passionate about the importance of connecting our young people to their local environment through education and experience. We know that children who are more connected to their environment have a greater likelihood of looking after it in the future. 

You can help facilitate this connection by supporting our ‘Adopt a School’ campaign with the goal of every school in Te Tau Ihu (Nelson/Tasman) having the opportunity to participate in the Experiencing Marine Reserves and/or Whitebait Connection programmes.

What does Adopt a School look like for you or your organisation?

You can either Adopt a School to complete a full five-week programme, or support a one-off field experience. You can find descriptions of the programmes on our website, or you can speak with a programme coordinator if you’d like more information. 

Get in touch with us and we will send you the details of what your donation covers and which school it will go to. You can also choose a specific school if you already have one in mind. 

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Thank You

Without your support, this campaign wouldn’t be possible. In a world of concerning climate change science, it is more important than ever to take positive action. Thank you for joining us on this journey, and we can’t wait to share the magic of our education programmes with you. 

A huge thank you from the Guardians team to those that have supported our campaign so far. 

Testimonials from our Educational Programmes

“The Whitebait Connection programme was fantastic for children at Mapua School to learn about and understand how important stream and habitat health is. It was an excellent way for the students to do some real hands on learning in their own context at a local waterway. The children celebrated their WBC teacher evaluation form) learning and action plans with a “Whitebait Festival’ which focused on educating others about the importance of stream health and the sustainability of a species.” Heidi Trott, Mapua School teacher

 “One of the absolute best hands on learning experiences i have ever had. WBC is a great way to get more hands on with our waterways. Fay and Helen made it an absolute blast to learn about our waterways health and all the critters and fish they hold. Thanks Fay and Helen.” – Isla Bell-Chambers, Riwaka School student


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